KIS International School Bangkok

KIS International School Bangkok
999/123-124 Kesinee Ville, Pracha-Uthit Road (Soi 21), Samsen Nok, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310
Ms. Linda Belonje
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The Primary School
The Primary School is well resourced, student-friendly and designed and organized to support the Primary Years Programme. The Early Years center is located on the ground floor, has many natural elements for the children to explore such as water and sand play, and it allows the children to be creative in our building and role play stations.
In addition to the spacious classrooms, the Primary School building has a computer lab, chromebooks and iPods, spaces for group learning, a drama room, a multi-purpose room, a small gymnasium and a large colourful library with a wide range of multimedia and reading materials in English and some other languages. In 2016, much of the PYP building was renovated with new learning spaces that have ample light, are designed with acoustics in mind and provide classroom environments with 21st century learning in mind. These are high-end classrooms which allow you to hear equal loudness from any position in the classroom – even the sound of a soft whisper or any conversation. The quality of speech clarity is higher than the regular classrooms, making KIS a leader in acoustic classrooms.

The purposefully designed Early Years library provides our youngest students with a cozy, intimate area stocked with age appropriate materials to support their information gathering, reading and listening. It also has 2 spacious music rooms, a playgroup suite and a recording room.

The Secondary School
Secondary school students enjoy a dedicated building where they benefit from well-resourced facilities which support instruction of the Middle Years and IB Diploma Programmes. Facilities include fully furnished classrooms, a library and media centre, study areas, IB Diploma lounge and study centre, language suites, an art suite, Design and IT labs including a Mac lab, and biology, chemistry and physics labs.

Shared Facilities

Covered walkways from the Primary and Secondary School buildings provide easy and visually stimulating access to facilities shared by both schools. They include music suites and a dance studio on the main level. A 25 meter swimming pool plus a separate wading pool are situated on the 2nd floor. Our auditorium has a 600 seating capacity and the school Canteen has a 300 seating capacity. Outdoor facilities include two fully equipped age appropriate playgrounds for the Early Years and Primary School students, two covered sports areas, and playing fields.

KIS International School, together with the KIS community, developed the next 5 year strategic plan which runs from 2015 to 2020. KIS aims in the next 5 years to focus its efforts on developing the school through the big ideas described below.
Be innovative in our approach to further developing creativity and design across the programmes and throughout the school.
Provide a clearly articulated and comprehensive programme that equips students with the knowledge, inspiration and spirit to be caring and involved world citizens.
Further develop the programmes to support and meet the needs of all students in preparation for them to be proud of themselves and their place in the world
Ensure that KIS remains able to recruit and retain qualified and experienced community minded staff to develop, deliver and support high quality innovative programmes.
Enhance the creative and inspirational learning environment to support and facilitate the development of the programmes and fulfillment of the mission.
Encourage the whole community to model the IB learner profile and IB attitudes, and promote interaction between different community groups to further strengthen the school community.
Ensure that sound financial sustainability continues to be part of KIS’s day to day management to support the vision, mission and core values of the school.

Ms. Linda Belonje
Marketing & Development Director