Holm Machinery Asia Company, Ltd.

Holm Machinery Asia Company, Ltd.
99 M.6, Baan Wang Pla Fa
T.Baan Chan, A.Muang
Udonthani 41000
+66 4212 3034-6
+66 4212 3037
Mr. Peter Holm
Managing Director
Holm Machinery Asia Company, Ltd.

Precision Mechanical Components

Certify ISO9001:2008

Holm Machinery Asia has a wide range of milling, turning and drilling CNC machines operated by experienced and highly skilled staff:

CNC - milling 3,4 and 5 axis machines, vertical and horizontal
CNC - turning with multi machines, 2 spindles with Y-axis and driven tools
CAD/CAM, SolidWorks and EdgeCAM
3D measurement machines for quality control
Bending, soldering and assembly
Surface treatment
Holm Machinery Asia Co., Ltd. (HMA) is a modern factory producing a wide range of precision engineered mechanical parts and complex assemblies using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our capabilities include specialized cabinets, filters and other high quality parts and components.

HMA’s customers include companies from Denmark, Europe and Thailand in the food, medical, oil & gas, telecommunication, electronic and automotive industries.

Our Danish parent company was founded in 1984. Holm Machinery Asia was opened in 2007 with 48.6 million Baht in capital and our first years of operation in Thailand have been a great success. HMA is registered and approved by the Thailand Board of investment (BOI).
2007 (BOI Promoted)
THB 48.6 Million
Holms Finmekanik Aps
Peter Holm 
Managing Director