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Firexpress Co., Ltd.
Firexpress Co., Ltd.
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Mr. Henrik Naaby
Managing Director
Firexpress Co., Ltd.

Mr. Poul Skov-Petersen
General Manager
Firexpress Co., Ltd.
Firexpress produces compact fire fighting systems that uses water very efficiently. Due to the low use of water and consequent low weight, the systems can be used for first response fire fighting. The systems can be made mobile by installing them on vehicles such as motorcycles and all terrain vehicles. Other systems are human portable or stationary systems driven by compressed air or pump driven units.

The end-user include various public organisations such as fire brigades, armed forces, forest authorities. Also a number of companies use the systems to protect valuable machinery, inventory and buildings.
Firexpress has developed a 'first strike fire fighting concept' designed to give an immediate first strike impact on almost all types of fires.

By using a patented nozzle, the fire fighting systems of Firexpress use substantially less water than traditional fire fighting equipment. By using the aerodynamic effect of a moving water drop, the patented dual nozzle is able to produce micro-drops at a pressure of only 13-23 bars and still achieve an amazing range of up to 15 metres. Equally the dual nozzle is able to produce low expansion foam in a straight stream with the same range.

Firexpress' patented dual nozzle is able to produce extremely small micro-drops giving the water a very large surface. Fighting a fire with these micro-drops, will utilize the heat absorbing and steam generating capability of water to its maximum, hereby reducing the required amount of water dramatically. Additionally, the micro-drops are so small that they will hang in the air for a relatively long time and will be drawn into the combustion process by the turbulent airflow feeding the fire with oxygen.

The low operational pressure also assures that: virtually no entrained air is forced into the fire, there is limited risk of spreading burning debris and that practically no recoil is experienced. The Firexpress system therefore differs radically from high pressure systems.
Firexpress A/S
Henrik Naaby 
Managing Director
Poul Skov-Petersen 
General Manager