ETK EMS ASIA Productions Ltd.

ETK EMS ASIA Productions Ltd.
No. 64/141 Eastern Seaboard
Industrial Estate (Rayong), Moo 4
Soi ESIE 10B, Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140
+66 3895 5840
+66 3895 4478
Mr. Torben Zoffmann Wendelboe
ETK EMS ASIA Productions Ltd.
Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) with Lead free soldering – Small to high mix volume. From Order and Contract production to fully logistic partner for simple to high complex products.

We have 2600 square meters, located in Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong), approx. 1 hour from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

EMS Production in ESD protected area, Production according to workmanship standard IPC-A610-D and other relevant IPC standards. SMT, IMT (Manual), Mechanical, Cable/Wire assembly & BOX build with necessary X-Ray, ERSA Scope, Microscope & Visual inspection. In Circuit Test (ICT), Functional test, Prototype production, ECO work, SMT Rework station (included BGA). Our Production Team has a long experience and knowledge in EMS. Furthermore we have purchase offices in both Denmark & Thailand.

SMT machinery from Assembléon (AX-501 for chip shooter & AX-201 for IC placer) with placement of 0.4 x 0.2(01005) – 130 x 79 mm , on board size up to 515 x 390 (475) mm. Placement rate up to 183 K/ per hour with 472 feeder positions(fully equipt) and accuracy down to 20 µm. Reflow oven ( Hotflow 2/20 - Nitrogen possible) and the Wave soldering (N-wave 330 with Nitrogen ) from ERSA.

Quality Management systems:
Certified to ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2001.

UL certified
ETK in Denmark was established in 1978 and grew rapidly over the next few years from 2 to 12 people, mainly working for a few local companies.

This status changed during the 80's as the outsourcing of production became more and more popular in this business segment.

In 2000 ETK had become a frontier in EMS service, maintaining a high level of focus on automation and data sharing.

The strenght of combining procurement and production into one system came to show in the growth in the late 00’s, which continued into the first decade of the new millennium.

The growth in this period peaked in 2007/2008 at which time ETK decided to build a new factory, ETK 2, twice the size of ETK 1.

As of February 2009 ETK had production space exceeding 7500 m2.

More and more customers have experienced the same or even bigger growth than ETK, so the need for a more competitive production in high volume has resulted in consolidation of our business.

In late 2011 ETK took onboard an EMS location (Zoma) in Frederikssund, Denmark, with a capacity close to 1500 m2, as well as their production facility in Thailand at the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, in Rayong, with yet another 2500 m2.
ETK EMS Skanderborg, Denmark
Mr. Torben Zoffmann Wendelboe