Half A Degree Co., Ltd.

Half A Degree Co., Ltd.
Half A Degree Co., Ltd.
56, 58 Soi Pipat, Sathorn Nua Rd.
Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Savija Pannark Korslund

Thawatchai Sudwilai, General Manager

Nuvadee Pongwudtiwat, Account Manager
Restaurant and Blind Massage
Dexter Café & Bar
At Dexter our guests will experience a hip ´international´ setting – perhaps some will call our design concept ´industrial´ or ´minimalistic´ which reflects our aim to provide a comfortable environment that is ´cool´ not ´cold´ but still allows focus to be on the quality of the food and drinks experience. Our menu can be described as a European/fusion café-type menu offering treats ranging from our popular ribs, fish ´n chips, filet mignon, brunch plates and sandwiches/burger to mouthwatering freshly prepared desserts such as chocolate lava cake, strawberry soup and homemade pancakes. Of course, Dexter also serves up all the classic coffees based on select beans and expertly prepared by our barista staff. In the evenings we will turn up the volume of the music just a bit to create a relaxed and cool atmosphere for guests to hang out and enjoy wine, beer or delicious creations from the drinks menu.

Perception Blind Massage
Employing only blind massage therapists ´Perception´ (just upstairs from Dexter Café & Bar) offers classic massage treatments including Thai massage, foot massage, head/neck & back, as well as oil and aroma massage treatments – all in extra stylish settings with designer furniture and dimmed lighting to inspire a perception of ´cool´ undisturbed relaxation of the senses.
1 mil THB
Savija Pannark Korslund