Launch of the new Members Directory 2017

Danish-Thai 2017 cover
Time:18:00 Hrs.
Venue: Admiral’s Pub & Restaurant


The annual Member Directory ‘Denmark in Thailand’ of the Danish – Thai Chamber of Commerce to be distributed in August!


Don’t miss the opportunity to get a copy of the freshly printed Member Directory for 2017 at next networking event in August.

We plan to launch the Directory on Thursday the 17 August 2017 – more information on this event will be posted on the DTCC website.

The Member Directory for 2017 is in print and will be launched in August as a special event. The directory will be printed in 1,000 copies and has been updated with the latest information on our newest members. The book will be widely distributed in Denmark as well.

At the same time the Secretariat takes this opportunity to convey our sincere apologies for the delay in publishing the Directory. More information in this will be given at the event.

Kind regards

Michael Andersen